Swimming Classes Offered:

Ducklings Swimming Class

Ducklings (age 3)

Beginners, for those new to the water just to build water confidence and start to developing an understanding of the skills to be learnt.

Starfish Swimming Class

Starfish (3 to 5yrs)

The ability to swim 5 meters on front and back, have water confidence.

SeaHorses Swimming Class

Seahorses (5 to 6yrs)

The ability to swim 10 meters and gain an understanding of the perfect stroke and have the understanding of all strokes.

Dolphins Swimming Class

Dolphins (6 to 7yrs)

The ability to swim 10 meters and be able to swim all strokes and gain an understanding of turn and starts which will be provided in the next level in more detail.

Sharks Swimming Class

Sharks (7 to 8yrs)

The ability to swim 25 meters and be able to swim all strokes and perform turns and starts.

Please understand that all descriptions are a rough guide expected from the ASA it will vary on the ability of the your child's swimming, all help that can be provided for your child to progress to the next level will be given.

We understand that all children will be different levels and may pick up the techniques quicker or slower than others but once again as much help as possible will be provided.

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